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  • 161820
The Braumeister STARTER-SET from holzeis includes everything you need to start brewing... more
Product information "SPEIDEL BM20 STARTERSET - Special !"

The Braumeister STARTER-SET from holzeis includes everything you need to start brewing immediately

  • Art.# 161815 BRAUMEISTER Speidel for 20-30 lt beer
  • Art.# 161801 BREWING MASTER WHEATING KEEPER Speidel for 20-30 lt
  • Art.# 140003 BEVERAGE/MAIZE DRUM Speidel, round, 30 lt
  • Art.# 140019 Drain cock NW 10
  • Art.# 160335 Filling tube with beer valve (plastic)
  • Art.# 070220 SILICONE HOSE id=9x2mm (1m)
  • Art.# 020006 GäRSPUND plastic, large
  • Art.# 110406 RUBBER STOP No. 6, 40/44/36 with hole 17mm
  • Art.# 070244 Nylon filter bag fine, cylindrical, small
  • Art.# 070131 Mash scoop medium, 1 lt.
  • Art.# 160702 Chemipro Caustic (VWP) STERILE CLEANER, 400 g
  • Art.# 070203 TRICHTER with sieve, medium, d=25 cm
  • Art.# 160203 Beer spoon 60 cm long
  • Art.# 160101 Brewing paddle in white plastic
  • Art.# 161916 PARTY CART 5lt with tap, neutral, silver (6 pcs.)
  • Art.# 161937 OVERPRESSURE VALVE for party keg 5lt (6 pcs.)
  • Art.# 160802 Beer spindle for original wort 0-20
  • Art.# 160807 beer spindle 0-7% m.t. in 0,1 mas %
  • Art.# 080018 MEASURING FLASK glass, 200 ml ungraded
  • Brew pack - ready mix, any variety

Brewing beer has never been so easy as now
...... with Speidel's Braumeister!

And cheap!? YES! Once purchased: only 0,20 - 0,50 Euro per bottle are the pleasant side effect to more quality! PROST!

Now new programmable model!

  • Brew your own beer the natural way
  • Unfiltered, easily digestible, rich in vitamins
  • Serve your own beer to friends
  • Make your own beer for birthdays, celebrations, barbecues
  • Drink variety instead of monotony
  • Weizen, Helles, Pils, Märzen and many more.
  • Brewing quantity 20l or 50l
  • Easy handling
  • Mashing, lautering, boiling all in one
  • Fully automatic brewing control
  • revolutionary concept - patented
  • High quality workmanship
  • Completely made of stainless steel
  • Made in Germany

The Braumeister was developed especially for the hobby sector. The special advantage lies above all in the simple, "clean" application. Malt is not washed out by an agitator, but by gentle pumping. For lautering, simply lift out the malt pipe and hang it on the support bracket to drain! This otherwise laborious process takes only a few minutes here and can be done without any vessel. Dimensions: Height: approx. 58 cm, diameter: approx. 37 cm.

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