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Syphoning Tube - Plastic small Syphoning Tube - Plastic small
with hose and tap, for bottling and decanting of liquids of all kinds.
€12.80 *
Syphoning Tube - Plastic large Syphoning Tube - Plastic large
with hose and tap, for barrels, 15 mm in diameter.
€19.80 *
Abziehrohr mit Handpumpe Abziehrohr mit Handpumpe
€22.80 *
Filling tube with beer valve (plastic) Filling tube with beer valve (plastic)
suitable for drain cock NW10(Speidel fermenter)for direct foam-free bottle filling from your fermenter. Is simply plugged into the Speidel drain cock NW10! By extending it with a PVC hose, barrels and our soda KEGs can also be filled...
€4.90 *
Filler with Valve and Tap Filler with Valve and Tap
Original spare for Mini-Brewery-Set incl. descriptive images Also ideal for diverse Lauter kettles or other storage and fermentation containers as accessory for bottling beer for fermentation in bottles in a simple, clean and above all...
€13.09 *
Abfüllrohr "Simplex", Silikon, mit Handpumpe Abfüllrohr "Simplex", Silikon, mit Handpumpe
mit elektrischer Mini-Heizplatte
€65.80 *
Bierventil zum Flaschenabfüllen Bierventil zum Flaschenabfüllen
€3.90 *
Enolmatic vacuum filler automatic 230 V Enolmatic vacuum filler automatic 230 V
220 V, with overflow container, autom. filling stop device, variable filling height, modern, clean filling of juice, wine, liquor, etc. Available accessories: Oil Kit: for filling oil or liquor. Frutta Kit : for bottling hot liquids up...
€329.00 *
Set offer complete for filling liquor Filling machine complete Candle filter Tandem incl. 1 filter candle 1my
€499.00 *
Enolmatic, CRYSTAL KIT Enolmatic, CRYSTAL KIT
for Enolmatic filler , for bottles with long, narrow neck.
€208.00 *
Enolmatic, MIGNON-KIT Enolmatic, MIGNON-KIT
for Enolmatic filler , for mini bottles of all types.
€180.00 *
Enolmatic, DEMIJOHN-KIT, Standard Enolmatic, DEMIJOHN-KIT, Standard
for Enolmatic filler , for filling and transferring demijohns or other containers.
€36.80 *
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