Concentration and Density Meter

Concentration and Density Meter
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Intelligent, efficient, user friendly User friendliness Compact,... more
Product information "Concentration and Density Meter"

Intelligent, efficient, user friendly

User friendliness

  • Compact, lightweight design enabling one-hand measurement
  • Easy operation, even when wearing protective gloves
  • No-hassle measurement of hard-to-reach samples
  • Large LC display with backlight for clear visibility of measuring results
  • Measuring cell with inspection window and backlight


  • Rugged, leakproof housing design
  • Designed for industrial and field applications
  • Proven resistance of wetted parts against common samples

Wireless communication

  • IrDA interface for data exchange with a PC and data export to a printer


  • Storage of up to 100 sample IDs for easy sample identification
  • Storage of up to 20 measuring methods
  • Storage of up to 1024 measurement results including time stamp and sample ID
  • Up to five programmable custom functions
  • Two exchangeable 1.5 V AA batteries ensure long-term, reliable service
  • Energy-saving mode for reduced power consumption provided
  • Easy and fast replacement of the entire pump assembly


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