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Outdoor thermometer glass/metal Outdoor thermometer glass/metal
for windows (glass/metal)
Order number: 080033
€10.80 *
Cellar thermometer black (art.) Cellar thermometer black (art.)
black (plastic)
Order number: 080032
€2.90 *
Maxima-Minima-Thermometer aus Holz Maxima-Minima-Thermometer aus Holz
Order number: 080132
€17.90 *
DRINKING THERMOMETER for wine, beer, sparkling wine DRINKING THERMOMETER for wine, beer, sparkling wine
for wine, beer, champagne etc.
Order number: 080030
€4.90 *
Cold room thermometer for refrigerator etc. Cold room thermometer for refrigerator etc.
for refrigerator etc.
Order number: 080034
€3.90 *
Vinometer with thermometer SET Vinometer with thermometer SET
consisting of 1 vinometer (0-25 vol.%) and 1 beverage thermometer, for alcohol determination
Order number: 080007
€14.19 *
Thermometer for Preserving Thermometer for Preserving
50 - 110 °C in metal sleeve, 45cm
Order number: 050003
€8.90 *
Pasteurizing therm. up to 115° C, plastic h.. Pasteurizing therm. up to 115° C, plastic h..
The correct temperature is crucial in the preparation of yogurt and cheese yeast. You can use the pasteurizing thermometer for the milk and in the water bath. Plastic tube 27 cm, 0-110°C ideal also for pasteurizing juices, beer brew...
Order number: 050103
€17.80 *
Thermometer rod-shaped Thermometer rod-shaped
30 cm long, diameter: 7 mm (-10° C to + 110°C). Ideal for pateurising, for preserving and for boiling the brew etc.
Order number: 080501
€11.80 *
Multistem Digital Thermometer Multistem Digital Thermometer
13cm rodshape sensor -50 to +150°C Also well suited to roast the perfect Roast Beef! Simply insert the sensor into the core of the piece of meat - when 65°C are shown, then the roast needs to be taken away from the heat and the perfect...
Order number: 080241
€26.80 *
THERMOMETER - INOX PROBE 1450mm, electronic THERMOMETER - INOX PROBE 1450mm, electronic
Finally available! – extra long measuring probe for fermentaion and cooking containers! Electronic display, battery powered MAX, MIN, HOLD - Function LENGTH: 1,45 m !!! For your manual check or also suited for permanent mounting!
Order number: 080260
€96.69 *
Zimmerthermometer aus Holz Zimmerthermometer aus Holz
Vollautomatische Brausteuerung
Order number: 080031
€2.80 *
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