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With the Master Plancha 3 LX, the Mediterranean way of grilling is now even nicer and easier:... more
Product information "CAMPINGAZ Master Plancha 3 LX"

With the Master Plancha 3 LX, the Mediterranean way of grilling is now even nicer and easier: chic stainless steel and smooth cast iron paired with special burner technology for very good heat distribution make grilling on the Master Plancha 3 LX a pleasure.

The patented Blue Flame technology quickly heats the plancha plate to the required temperatures and does so very evenly. Thanks to the InstaStart® technology, the burners are ignited by simply turning the controller.

The enamelled, smooth cast iron plate ensures perfect heat transfer and is very easy to clean. The fat container on the side is easily accessible and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

The drainage angle for liquids can be easily adjusted using height-adjustable feet and an adjustable plancha plate. The protective cover made of stainless steel acts as a windbreak during grilling and then as protection for the grill plate.

10 year guarantee on Master Series stainless steel burner and cast iron contact grill plate.

Patented blue flame burner
Thanks to the patented Blue Flame burner, the Campingaz® Master Plancha has an even heat distribution over the entire cooking surface.

The two main burners of the Campingaz® Master Plancha ensure the high and even temperature across the entire cooking surface. As soon as the burners are in operation, a carpet of small blue flames can be seen through the ventilation slots, which heat the cooking surface.

This ingenious design ensures an optimal surface temperature and thus perfect plancha cooking.

nstaStart® ignition
This special type of electronic ignition is integrated in the gas regulator. When the controller is pressed, a spark is ignited by voltage. When the same button is turned, the gas flows out, which is then ignited by the spark.

Even Temp® - Even heat distribution
As in the oven, even heat on the grill surface is of the utmost importance for a good grill result.

Through the right balance of burner material, burner strength and position to the grill surface, we have managed to achieve a particularly even heat on the grill grate. The efficient Campingaz® grills in the 3 & 4 Series and planchas reach a grill temperature of over 250 ° C on the grill surface, which is ideal for evenly cooking the food and searing it.

In addition, the individual burners can be fine-tuned independently of one another with the control knobs. With all burner systems used, technical precision work ensures that the grill surface is evenly heated.

Delicious inspiration from starters to desserts
With up to 350 ° C, the Campingaz® Plancha offers an optimal temperature range, especially for steaks, where the hotplate caramelizes the sugar of the meat and ensures full-bodied roasted aromas.

In addition to meat and fish, seafood or donated vegetables and poultry are a characteristic example of the variety that can be implemented à la plancha. Let yourself be inspired!


How to properly clean the plancha
The high-quality, enamelled coating of the plancha plate makes it easy to clean in no time.

To remove food residues and facilitate further cleaning, simply pour a little water on the still hot plancha plate. Then use the spatula to simply push the food residues and the fat into the pouring spout, which is located in the plancha. All residues then collect in the collecting cup underneath, which you can easily clean in the dishwasher.

Please do not use ice cubes to clean the heated surface as this can result in a thermal shock that da

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