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In the holzeis - KäSE-Starter-SET you will find the complete basic equipment for your first... more
Product information "holzeis - CHEESE STARTER SET - ACTION !"

In the holzeis - KäSE-Starter-SET you will find the complete basic equipment for your first homemade cheese:

280001 LABTABLETTEN, quarter embossing, 20StkLab tablets
you use to precipitate the milk protein, the so-called casein. For this purpose rennet, an enyzm made from calves, is added. If the rennet ability is good, the milk will form a gelatinous substance called curd after the addition. If the rennet ability is affected by pH, excessive cooling, excessive mechanical stress or low calcium content, it is likely that the curds will be too soft. Good renneting ability thus has a significant influence on the yield and quality of the cheese.

280007 Starter sour milk,curd,butter (M 0.30N
)Also included in the holzeis - KäSE starter set are starter cultures for sour milk, curd, butter. These lactic acid bacteria convert lactose into lactic acid and are therefore responsible for the acidification of the milk. The optimum temperature range is 25 to 30 °C. It is advisable to use the appropriate starters for the different types of cheese in order to produce an aromatically perfect cheese.

280202 Cheese cloth No. 6 twisted 90x90cmThe
cheese cloth you use mainly for the production of hard cheese. However, you can also use it to separate curd and whey.

280501 KäSE - mold cuboid 9x9/6x6 h=8,5cm f 200g cheeseThe
perforated shapes of the cheese mold are completely smooth inside, so that the cheese does not stick when you put it on the draining mat

280402 Cheese mold con. 8/7cm for approx 200g cheeseThe
conical shape allows easy turning of the finished cheese

050103 Pasteurizing therm. up to 115° C, plastic h.
The right temperature is crucial for the preparation of yogurt and cheese. The pasteurizing thermometer can be used for milk and in the water bath.

160704 TM DESANAMAX, 35gThe
integrated bio-indicator shows microbiological contamination as the cleaning solution changes color. This allows you to check the cleanliness of the containers immediately. With TM DESANAMAX you perfectly control the quality of the cheese and the hygiene of the containers.

120410 CHEESING made easy/STV reference bookHere
you will find 120 delicious and detailed recipes for processing cow's, goat's and sheep's milk. You can make a wide variety of fresh, soft and hard cheeses as well as yogurt, kefir and sour milk, butter, buttermilk and whey products from raw and pasteurized milk in any household.

The holzeis team wishes you much pleasure and success with home cheese making !

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