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HYDROPRESS Speidel, 180 lt - ACTION

HYDROPRESS Speidel, 180 lt - ACTION
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If you want to quickly and easily press your own juice, then the hydropress is exactly the right... more
Product information "HYDROPRESS Speidel, 180 lt - ACTION"

If you want to quickly and easily press your own juice, then the hydropress is exactly the right press for you. Whether stone fruit, pome fruit, grapes or berries: simply remove the seeds, grind and fill into the hydropress. As soon as the water tap is opened, you can watch how the pressure of the flowing water presses the built-in rubber membrane outwards and your fruit is pressed against the basket grid from the inside to the outside. By turning the water tap on or off, the pressing pressure and pressing time can be regulated. Neither electricity nor muscle power is required for pressing. The press basket is made of stainless steel and a pressure relief valve protects against overload.

The basket of the 180 L hydropress is mounted on a swivel cart. This allows the machine to be transported more comfortably with larger quantities of grapes and fruit and the pomace in the bag is easier to empty.

Due to the fast pressing and the short flow paths, the vitamins are preserved and the fresh aroma of the juice is retained. Due to the high pressing pressure, as well as the slotted plate instead of the perforated plate, a very high juice yield is achieved, even if the press basket is only partially filled.

The Speidel hydropress can also be used for pressing honeycomb, tomatoes, pickled tobacco or citrus fruits.

Scope of delivery: press, insert bag, splash guard, adapter GEKA to G¾" ET.

H: 1320 mm, diam.: 720x940 mm, base height: 350 mm, weight: 72 kg, max. water pressure: 3 bar

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