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BEERSPIKE - Rack (equipment) BEERSPIKE - Rack (equipment)
BEERSPIKE Rack - perfect mount for up to 4 BEERSPIKES - optimum basis for the burner - stainless steel - easy and safe heating of the BEERSPIKES - safe place for the hot BEERSPIKES after use
€55.00 *
BEERSPIKE - burner incl. cartridge (accessories) BEERSPIKE - burner incl. cartridge (accessories)
Fits exactly on the BEERSPIKE Rack for heating the BEERSPIKE beer spike! (symbol photo)
€22.00 *
holzeis - GIFT VOUCHER holzeis - GIFT VOUCHER
Our voucher is the ideal gift for every recipient - this is how giving is fun! You yourself determine the value of the voucher by the number of 10 euro steps that you can choose freely. The voucher is valid for our entire range and can...
€10.00 *
Brewferm Lauter Tun 30 L With Sst Filter Bottom Brewferm Lauter Tun 30 L With Sst Filter Bottom
Brewferm® plastic lauter tun Large lauter bin in food grade plastic, with special perforated filter bottom (mash screen) and tap. Bottom easy to remove and easy to clean. THE budget-friendly solution for every ‘all-grain’ home...
€74.80 *
Coopers Brewing Set 'Luxus' Coopers Brewing Set 'Luxus'
incl. 1 Coopers Lager HBS (+Special Yeast) 25l Special-Fermentation Tank Secondary Fermentation Tank Fermentation Tube with rubber stopper Cleaner (disinfective cleaner) Beer Spindle Measuring Cylinder Brew Paddle Crown Capper and crown...
€96.80 *
ADDITIONAL TO THE HOBBY BREWER BASIC EQUIPMENT FOR THE PERFECT INTRODUCTION SET ... Lauter tun plastic 30 l w. tap Stainless steel wort cooler Erlenmayer flask 500 ml Beer spindle 0-7% m.t. in 0,1 mas % TM DESANAMAX 35g to be ordered...
€246.00 *
HOBBYBRAUER Basic equipment HOBBYBRAUER Basic equipment
Basic equipment for brewing beer (you only need a mulled wine pot or similar): 1 fermentation barrel 30 liters with drain cock and fermentation bung 1 brewing bucket 30 liters graduated 1 Beer brewing for everyone; M. Hlatsky 1 mash bag...
€388.00 *
with Ing. Michael Holzeis, home brewer and homebrewer. Practical part: joint brewing with the smallest brewery in the world: the BRAUMEISTER. The finished "wort" can be taken home if desired, fermented and enjoyed (bring fermentation...
From €119.00 *
holzeis - BEER BREWING KIT "Advanced", 23 l beer holzeis - BEER BREWING KIT "Advanced", 23 l beer
Instructions for use Beer Brewing Kit PDF in the download info above. Contains everything to brew 23-25 liters of fresh, delicious beer at home! Contents: brewing bucket hopped liquid malt ("Lager" - light lager, made according to the...
€49.00 *
Braukübel Brewferm 30 l graduiert Braukübel Brewferm 30 l graduiert
Dieser Braukübel ist aus lebensmittelfestem Kunststoff inkl. Deckel, Zapfhahn und Gärrohr. Bestehend aus weißem Polypropylen, ist er also auch für heiße Flüssigkeiten (bis 100°C) geeignet. Zusätzlich besteht er aus eine speziell...
€15.80 *
Brewferm Starter'S Kit Deluxe Brewferm Starter'S Kit Deluxe
Starter kit Deluxe With this very complete starters kit, you have all the materials you need to brew your beers at home starting from kits. Plastic graduated brewing bucket 30 l with tap. Fermentation bucket 30 l with tap, thermometer...
€73.80 *
Special beer Chimay Blue Cap Special beer Chimay Blue Cap
Delivery only in Austria! Chimay Blue Cap with 9,0% alcohol
€4.90 *
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