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STÖCKLI - ChestnutBRATER - SET incl. chestnut knife

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Set consisting of: - STÖCKLI - Chestnutbrater- grill-/ crepe plate- mar oni knife- electric,... more
Product information "STÖCKLI - ChestnutBRATER - SET incl. chestnut knife"

Set consisting of:

- STÖCKLI - Chestnutbrater-
grill-/ crepe plate- mar
electric, single stage

  • At home at the dining table, with friends, or at the coffee table with a fine glass of red wine, to the home cinema, or at the open fireplace. Roast chestnuts yourself! Also the perfect "icing on the cake" for any autumn/winter PARTY with your epicurean friends!
  • Chestnuts also go wonderfully with mulled wine. See our special mulled wine pots with drain cock and our famous mulled wine spice made from purely natural ingredients!
  • of course also for other social delicacies, see for yourself ...

Chestnut oven, Ø 25 cm, with Chestnut pan and lid. Metal casing with handy wooden handles. Roast chestnuts - this is how it's done: cut chestnuts horizontally on the curved side with the chestnut scorer. Preheat oven for approx. 5 min. Then fill the pan with about 500 g of chestnuts. Turn two or three times during roasting. The chestnuts will be hot and crispy after about 15 minutes with the lid closed. Enjoy your meal!

... as a table grill

If you want to use the oven as a table grill, you can replace the chestnut pan with an additional grill plate made of non-stick cast aluminum. Thanks to the slightly grooved surface, the grilled food stays juicy.

... as a crêpe plate

With the turned grill plate you can bake wafer-thin crêpes on the smooth surface!

... for baking baked potatoes

The professional preparation of Baked Potatoes in the Stöckli Chestnut Pan:

Buy smaller potatoes (e.g. raclette potatoes). Wash and dry them. Wrap the potatoes with aluminum foil. Spread the potatoes evenly in the chestnut pan, turning them occasionally. Cooking time: approx. 20 - 25 min.Then the only thing missing from the potatoes is the filling, which gives the Baked Potatoes that "certain something" at the end.

Original Stöckli ChestnutMESSER for carving

The ideal gift for the cold days of the year!

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