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Brew your customized homebrewed beer - Home brewing kit the perfect gift for all occasions Quick... more
Product information "BREWBARREL Lager"
Brew your customized homebrewed beer - Home brewing kit the perfect gift for all occasions

Quick and Easy Homebrewing: Brew your own beer with Brewbarrel. As seen on TV and the press. Brewing has never been easier with Brewbarrel´s innovative brewing process. Drink your own home brewed beer after just one week by completing three simple steps. We will ship all the necessary equipment and pre-measured brewing ingredients for your customized 8-pint / 5 litre homebrewing kit direct to your door. The Brewbarrel brewing process has been optimized to ensure your homebrewed beer is always a success and has revolutionized homebrewing. It takes just five days of fermentation at an ambient temperature and two days of conditioning in your fridge. Our purposely designed valve regulates and also utilizes the pressure that is created during the brewing process. It also ensures that your home brewed beer will be carbonated. On our homepage we have developed a beer configurator in order to offer our customers the option to fully customize their beer according to beer style, hop intensity as well as with various flavours and finings. Just choose between Pilsner, Lager, Wheat Beer, Pale Ale or Dark Beer and the preferred intensity of hops. You can then customize your beer with various flavours from Fruits such as Lemon or Grapefruit, Wood chips like Oak or Bourbon timber or Aromatic hops such as Cascade or Hersbrucker to create a unique home brewing expirience. Home brewing with Brewbarrel is the most convenient way to begin brewing your own beer at home which is currently one of the fastest growing hobbies. We are continuously ensuring a high standard of quality by testing and refining our brewing process, brewing ingredients and the final taste of the beer from our kits. With Brewbarrel you can brew your own, customized beer at home with the full taste of traditional German beer plus special ingredients from our range of flavours. Flavoured beers are not actually diluted but are actually real beers that are brewed with additional flavoring aromas. Brewbarrel is a real eye catcher, especially at a barbeque, watching a match with your mates or just having a few pints at home with a couple of friends. Premier League or Champions League? Brew your own customized beer and be sure to have something particularly eye catching at your match day gathering. Having a club event or looking for the perfect present for clients, employees or a business partner? With Brewbarrel you can customize your beer to suit any occasion.

Brew your own!
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