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Taste: malty, spicy flavor The special thing about wheat beer is that it is brewed not only... more
Product information "BRAUFÄSSCHEN wheat beer"

Taste: malty, spicy flavor

The special thing about wheat beer is that it is brewed not only from barley malt, but from a mixture of barley and wheat malt. Weissbier is a typical Bavarian beer and is also considered a summer and beer garden beer. In recent years, this type of beer has become a lifestyle drink, which is especially popular among young people.

Brew your own beer in just a few steps! Create your individual beer exactly to your taste with high-quality ingredients. Everything you need to brew your own beer is included in your brewing kit. With the brewing keg you become the "BRAUMEISTER". Thanks to the simple brewing instructions and the innovative brewing process, you will have your beer ready for fermentation in 10 minutes. The Braufässchen beer brewing kit is the ideal introduction to the fascinating world of home brewing. After only one week you can enjoy your homebrewed beer fresh from the tap. With Braufässchen you can brew 5 liters of delicious beer exactly to your taste. Brewing with Braufässchen is a great experience and a real pleasure.
The Braufässchen brewing process
We provide you with an empty, sterile 5-liter keg, a pressure valve, malt extract, hops, yeast and, if desired, flavor extracts in bottle form or wood chips to add flavor. Additionally, all you need is a kettle and you're ready to go! First, remove the safety cap from the brew keg and then pour the malt extract completely into the keg. Since the malt extract has a consistency similar to honey, you can just let it run in slowly. This may take a few minutes. After that, you can heat some water with the kettle and add cold water to the now empty malt extract bottle. Just pay attention to the markings on the bottle. Now shake the keg a little so that the malt extract can mix with the water. Then fill the bottle five more times with cold water and pour it into the keg, which should gradually fill up at the end. Now you can add hops, yeast and - if present - aromas and put the pressure valve on top of the opening. Be careful not to push the inner part into the keg. You are ready and can look forward to your home-brewed beer - without any weighing or temperature control. After one day, the keg must be briefly rotated once to reactivate the yeast. After a total of five days of fermentation at room temperature, the keg is then placed in the refrigerator for two more days. Since the keg is a normal party keg in terms of size, it fits quite normally in any standard refrigerator. On the day of tapping, you can simply push in the inner part of the pressure valve and tap your own beer comfortably through the integrated tap!
And here are the perfect accessories: 080501 BIERWÜRZE-STABTHERMOMETER 0-110° C

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