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holzeis - Brewing Protocol Now even newer: like the original, only better . This is the... more
Product information "SPEIDEL BRAUMEISTER 20plus"

holzeis - Brewing Protocol
Now even newer: like the
original, only better
This is the Braumeister PLUS, with welded-on double jacket for cooling. The factory-welded double jacket makes previous accessories superfluous and gives you even more freedom when brewing beer.
This means that you will succeed in brewing even more complicated beers even more easily than before. This version of the Braumeister is available with a capacity of 20 or 50 liters. To drain the dirty water, there is an additional drain with a tap at the bottom of the kettle, which makes cleaning much easier.

Brewing beer has never been as easy as it is now ...
... with Speidel's Braumeister!

And cheap!? YES! Once purchased: only 0,20 - 0,50 Euro per bottle are the pleasant side effect to more quality! CHEERS!

Now new programmbieres model!

  • Brew your own beer in a natural way
  • Unfiltered, easily digestible, rich in vitamins
  • Serve your own beer to friends
  • Own beer for birthdays, celebrations, barbecues
  • Drink variety instead of monotony
  • Weizen, Helles, Pils, Märzen and many more.
  • Brewing quantity 10 l, 20 l or 50 l
  • Easy handling
  • Mashing, lautering, boiling all in one
  • Fully automatic brewing control
  • revolutionary concept - patented
  • High quality workmanship
  • Completely made of stainless steel
  • Made in Germany

The Braumeister was developed especially for the hobby sector. The special advantage lies above all in the simple, "clean" application. Malt is not washed out by an agitator, but by gentle pumping. For lautering, simply lift out the malt pipe and hang it on the support bracket to drain! This otherwise laborious process takes only a few minutes here and can be done without any vessel. Dimensions: Height: approx. 58 cm, diameter: approx. 37 cm.

For even faster cooling of the wort (risk of infection!), the wort cooler, Art.No. 161801 can be used as an accessory in addition to the cooling jacket. (ATTENTION! Copper spirals are not optimally suitable in combination with the stainless steel. Chemical reDeals!)

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